Hello…it’s been a while I didn’t spare my time to write my own blog T___T

So, this week is a hectic week, with so much overwhelming feelings… I’ve just passes half of it, there are two more event to come. First things is.. from Sunday to Tuesday, I got to finished a gift for my friend’s birthday, a self-recorded  video from the three of us, hehe, really like the result, hope this gift will be a very special and precious gift that she ever had, kekeke. So, the second thing is, on Wednesday I’m finally and officially resign from my old office. Saying goodbyes to all staff there, there’s a bit  sad feeling, especially when I say goodbye to my boss and my “sista” mbak mala, but yeah… things have to be this way, this is just a temporary goodbye, it’s not like I won’t see them again. That day on Wednesday, I got REALLY tired, maybe because accumulation of activities from last week till now (preparing gift, going here and there, delivering dvds, etc ), so when I got home, after eating and take a bath, immediately going sleep until 6 in the morning, recharge my energy! HAhahahahaha, And finally yesterday is my friend birthday!

We gathered at CL to buy her cake, b’day hat, and 3 giant balloons hahaha. So we came to her boarding house and gave her a surprise. Punished her to wear that b’day hat, burst 3 balloons, take a picture with the same expressions as we drew on the balloons, huahahah lotta laughter yesterday, ended with eating cake and have a dinner together.

Yeah this overwhelming weeks still have more stories to come, today is my resting day at home, going nowhere, just play with laptop and laying down in my bed hahaha, enjoying my time.

I’ll be back with my overwhelming week’s story part 2! tomorrow I have a concert to attend!  \(^^)/


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