happy day \(^^)/

O Happy Day syalala syubidubidamdam

Feeling super happy today, many good things comes around today, feel really blessed!

Aside today is payment day hehe, First thing that made me happy is SS3 Shanghai! Finally after being stressed out for three days, the dvd is finished today! Yay, 3 part in a row! The internet connection is very stable today, sooo happy!

And side effect from first reason why am I so happy, of course many order comes around hehe, got a lot of work to do

And for the grand prize is… Rio Febrian! one of my favorite Indonesian singer! There’s an event in campus today and he came as guest star. I’ve been anticipating him since yesterday and being over greedy because i know i can meet him. Hehehe finally i got  a chance to take a picture with him before he got on stage, He got skinnier i think. But the first photos isn’t really good. Feeling a bit disappointed. Finally after waiting for two hours he came on stage. Gosh, his voice is really awesome! Hear it live by myself i’m feeling proud because Indonesia still have a really good singer, it’s a pity that he’s not releasing new album these recent years. His performance isn’t like any usual singer, he add some intermezo by introducing his guitarist, keyboardis, and keep an interactive talk with audience in the middle of singing. So people doesn’t get bored.

He sang “Bintang-bintang”, “I believe i can fly”, “Bukan untukmu”, and  “Tiada kata berpisah”. He sang those song with amazing ad-lib, even in small event like this, i think he gives all he’s got. After the show is over, we walking fast to backstage and with some help form the event promotor, I got a chance again to take a picture with him!hehehe

After got home, searching his songs in my PC, Finally ended this day while listening to all his songs :D. Rio Febrian, you should really release a new album again!


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