Two days ago, i arrived at home at 8.30 pm. The house is still dark, without no light, i have to unlock padlock one by one and finally the door. I  decide to cook noodles, the simple and fastest way. Since my parents aren’t home, they are touring java island, again! so there aren’t any food in home. I am deadly tired, sweating all day because the weather is hot and i have to going here and there, and Starving! But  i still have to cook T___T    .  So i cook noodles, took out pork cornet from the fridge and fry it. And then..janjan!

this is my dinner 2night ago, just a bowl of noodles, a plate of pork cornet and don’t forget to drink a bottle of cold water to ease my thirst hehehe. Just need a little work, to satisfy my hunger, and i can enjoy delicious food for my dinner ^^

Mom, please come back quickyly, everything is in chaos since you’re not home 😦


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