: No Charge :

At one afternoon, our son came to his mother at the kitchen, the latter is preparing dinner, and soon he gave his mom a piece of paper full of his writings. After his mom dried her hand on apron, she read it and this is what has been wrote in his paper.

for cutting grass  $5
for cleaning up my room this week   $1
for going to grocery substituting Mom  $0.50
for taking care little brother when Mom went shopping $0.25
for dumping garbage $1.00
for good report book  $5.00
for cleaning and sweeping yard  $2.99
total  owed $14.75

His mom stares at her son whose standing in front of her with full of hopes, and i can see many memories were flashing in my wife’s mind. So, she took out a pen, flipping the paper, and this is what she wrote.

For nine months when mom carrying you inside my tummy, for the periode you were growing inside my tummy, No Charge
For all nights when mom is accompany you, take care of you, and pray for you, No Charge.
For all hard times, and all tears that you’ve caused for all this time, No Charge.
If you sum it all, price of mom’s love is No Charge.
For all night full of scare and for all worries in the future, No Charge.
For the toys, foods, clothes, and also wiping your nose, it’s No Charge my son.
And if you sum it all, the price of mom’s true love is No Charge.

Yeah, my friends, when our son finally done reading what has been wrote by his mother, his tears are flowing and he’s looking at his mom and said , ” I love you so much, Mom” And then he took the pen and wrote with big letters, “PAID”

By M. Adams – From 3rd serving of Chicken Soup for the Soul


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