Leeteuk Cyworld Diary Update 240311

“.. I’m going to have to face more difficult challenges in the future.

The time has passed for me to be disturbed by things like that^^ Always be positive and think bright thoughts!!!

It takes longer time to do big things.

I believe that if you are patient, enjoy it and desperately want it even though the times may be hard like now, my 30s will only be filled with happiness.

I’m just thankful for everything right now. I think everything is an expression of interest.

It’s a driving force for me to get to a higher position later on and it becomes a big motivation..^^

Our Super Junior that’s my everything

Also, now myself who I’m going to have to cherish.

Leeteuk..Park Jungsoo..^^ I’m going to have to live harder!!!

I hope everyone lives sincerely hard each day with positivity and bright hope.

I hope it becomes a hope to people who feel depressed..

I think I’ve grown, right???^^

Euh hehe ㅋㅋ Hope many people reading this will feel encouraged..”

Yah cyworld diary update dari sang leader ini seperti palu mengetok kepala saya yang mengatakan :

Hey!slow down..dream isn’t instant. things will get better step by step

ah..teukie, u truly the very best leader^^

beberapa hari ini entah kenapa lagi seneng ngeliatin dia, adem bgt rasanya, seperti sosok seorang kakak impian, ah lupakan imajinasi saya hehe =p


3 Responses to “special(teuk)”

  1. 1 chindywang March 25, 2011 at 2:57 am

    hahaha….makanya sabarlah menghadapi hidup!
    kita masih muda, hidup masih panjang!

  2. 2 keyceelin March 25, 2011 at 3:01 am

    ah si ahjussi tambah tua tambah bijak =P

  1. 1 diary entry 100410 « Itfeelslikeadream Trackback on April 10, 2011 at 8:22 pm

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